Download Google Camera Go APK with HDR for Android

The latest Camera Go port supports HDR and works well for older phones as well as devices where the GCam Mod is not available. Here is where users can download Google Camera Go APK for Android phones.

It retains some useful fundamental features that are worth using on other Android devices. Announced for Android Go devices, Google Camera Go is a lightweight version of the main Google Camera app. To download Google Camera Go and get it working on your phone, read ahead.

Since Google Camera is only available for official Pixel phones, third-party developers have successfully transferred the app to other Android devices. In this guide, we will focus on Google Camera Go.

Google’s camera app has been leading the mobile photography industry for a few years now – in terms of software applications. Its high-quality post-processing makes all captured photos stand out.

Difference: Google Camera vs Google Camera Go

Right away, one can wonder what the real differences are between Google Camera and Camera Go. To put it very simply, the Camera Go version is a light version of the main application. With the Go variant, various features are missing that are available on standard Google Camera Go.

Additionally, Google Camera Go still produces better images with HDR and HDR + compared to many standard camera apps.

While the missing features might make you assume that Camera Go is just unnecessary, it actually isn’t. For phones that don’t have compatible processors to run the Google Camera2 API, the Camera Go app works well enough to deliver high-quality photos.

Download Google Camera Go APK

As these are ports, compatibility issues might exist as well as minor bugs but we make sure to continuously update our links with the latest versions available so that users can enjoy the best experience.

Here is the download link to the latest Google Camera Go APK.

File TypeAPK
File Size8.1MB

If you are looking for more detailed steps as well as screenshots, read: How to Install APK files on Android. These are some screenshots of the Camera Go app running on the Google Pixel 4 XL:

How to Install Camera Go on your Phone

To install Google Camera Go, you need to basically install the Camera Go APK file and here is how:

  • Download the APK file on your phone.
  • Open the file once it completes downloading.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Proceed to follow the install wizard.

If you have one of the new budget Android phones and need a better camera app, you can definitely try out the Camera Go app. GCam ports take a while to show up online, so in the meantime, you can use this app for taking beautiful shots.

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