Galaxy S8 Camera APK App for Android Phone

This is the Galaxy S8 Camera APK pulled directly from a real Galaxy S8. I installed it on my Galaxy S7 Edge, but it will force the shutdown, so I do not recommend installing this APK. Once you install this camera app, it will mess up your android phone! Don’t forget to see a review about Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S8+ Plus.

But if you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, the APK of this camera will work well. I will soon update a fully functional camera. This APK is really provided for developers who want the APK file from the Galaxy S8 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

The interface of the Galaxy S8 camera apk app in the S8 appears to be unchanged. It’s simple to use; A quick slide to the left starts the video recording mode and an ice blow to the right takes you to the different camera modes. There is a slight setting in which you can slide the shutter button up and down to zoom in faster than the pinch on the viewfinder to zoom.


I tried to install APK files linked to the camera on my S7 Edge, it will only work if we have a full set of APK, so wait for developers to make it compatible with older Galaxy smartphones.

Galaxy s8 camera Apk download for Android

Here Galaxy S8 Camera APK Android Download. This is a strictly developer version app that could be unstable and might not work or even work or force close to your S7 edge and S7 or other Nougat devices. This APK is provided only for developers who want the Galaxy S8 camera APK file.

  • File Size: 8.42MB



WARNING: This APK is provided only for developers! DO NOT INSTALL if you do not know what you are doing !!!

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera APK  does NOT work on non-Galaxy S8 smartphones. You might be able to install it on other Galaxy devices, but it will disturb your camera. Please expect with a fully-ported camera package instead.

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