How to Fix App Crash/Auto Close Fix on Any Mi Phone (MIUI)

How To Fix App Crash Auto Close Fix On Any Mi Phone (MIUI)

Xiaomi apps crashing solutions: Several users having Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco smartphones running MIUI have lately reported “MSA not working” or “MSA keeps stopping” errors on their phone. Some have also experienced app crashing issues on their MIUI phone.

The problem does not lie in the Chinese manufacturer’s operating system (‘MIUI’), but in a Google application inherent in any phone with Android: ‘ System WebView ‘. This allows navigation within third-party apps, which has been affected after its recent update.

If you’re facing any such problems on your phone, do not worry. Here are three easy ways to fix MSA Keeps Stopping error on Redmi, Poco, or Xiaomi phones running MIUI 12, MIUI 11, or MIUI 10.


Although the error has solved itself in most cases , a certain percentage of users continue to suffer from it. Including some from other brands (to a lesser extent) like Huawei or Samsung. To solve it, there are three fairly simple options:

Uninstall the Android System Webview

Following these steps we will remove the conflicting update from the phone so that erratic applications behave as expected again:

■ We access the ‘ Settings ‘ section.

■ We choose ‘ Applications ‘ and then ‘ Manage applications ‘.

■ Click on the three points in the upper right corner and on ‘ Show all applications ‘.

■ We look for the application in question: Android System WebView (we may need to click on ‘Show all results’ under the search box) and select it.

■ We choose ‘ Uninstall updates ‘ at the bottom of the screen.

Finally we restart the mobile and check if the problem has been solved.

Force update Android System Webview

If the above does not work, we can force the update of Android System WebView:

■ We open the Google application store (‘ Play Store ‘ app ).

■ We look for ‘ WebView of the Android system ‘.

■ We click on ‘ Update ‘.

Disable MSA

The last option is to cut your losses and deactivate ‘MSA’, the application responsible for the display of ads in MIUI to which the message refers:

■ We open ‘ Settings ‘.

■ We look for ‘ Authorization and revocation ‘ (it is usually within the categories ‘Additional settings’ or ‘Passwords and security’).

■ We locate ‘ msa ‘ and disable it, clicking ‘ revoke ‘ in the pop-up window.

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