Download Framaroot APK for Free and How to Root with Framaroot

Framaroot is one of the best apps for Android phone with one click root. Most guys are looking to download apk Framaroot so they can root their phone in one click. As this application is not available in the game store so I decided to go with a blog dedicated Framaroot apk from which you can download all versions of Framaroot apk. On this blog, I’ll cover all the details of Framaroot including FAQ and how to install framaroot.

What’s Framaroot?

Framaroot is an android application that can eliminate almost all devices with a single click without having to PC / computer. Framaroot has its own complex exploits which vary from device to device depending on its chipset model and Android version. In newer versions of Framaroot you can Unroot your Android phone with a click too. Framaroot can entrench many devices without a computer, you can check the device name in framaroot supported device list. So we’re going to framaroot apk download link.framaroot

Download Framaroot APK :

Below, we share the download links to all versions of framaroot apk.

  • Download Framaroot 1.9.2 APK  here.

How to Install Framaroot APK in Android Phone:

We have already shared framaroot apk download link. So in the steps below, we assume that you have already downloaded the APK Framaroot link above. So we’ll go to the tutorial in which we will explain how to install apk Framaroot in android phone.

  1. Tap on Framaroot apk file manager for your Android phone or you can download a third-party file manager like ES File Explorer downloads the files.
  2. Now press the Install button.
  3. framaroot install apk in the phone
  4. After a few seconds it will display messages App Installation completed, as your framaroot apk installed.
  5. So it was all about how to install Framaroot in android phone. Once you’ve followed the steps above, you can see Framaroot app icon in the app drawer on your Android phone.

How to Root Android Phone Use Framaroot:

I hope you have successfully installed Framaroot in your Android phone using the steps above. Let the tutorial on how you can root Android device without using computer Framaroot.

  1. First, Open Framaroot app drawer on your Android phone.
  2. Now there are two options available that will show achievement that can root your Android phone or it will display an error Your device seems not vulnerable to the exploit included in Framaroot. (If you get this error then Framaroot will not work on your Android device).
  3. If you do not receive above error, chances are Framaroot will root your Android device.
  4. You have to find three options now that I will explain in detail below.
    • install SuperSU
    • Unroot
    • Run Script

About Install SuperSU:

Select this option if you want to root your Android device. It will install an application on your android phone called SuperSU which manages all authorizations Su different root applications.

Once you have selected this option, then there are the following options.

Success: Congratulations, your Android phone is rooted successfully. Restart now and Open SuperSU and click Update Binaries (if you get a popup). Enjoy your rooted Android device now.

Failure: This feat has been unable to root your Android device. Try another exploit (if available).

Hangman App or Crashed? Close app and Re-test that now operate.


Q1. Framaroot does not work on the XYZ device. What to do?

Years. You can give a try to other exploits. You can try other exploits or other APK.

About Run Script:

This option is intended only for advanced users. It is recommended not to use this option. (It may brick your device too).

About Unroot:

Select this option if you want Unroot your device. This option will delete SuperSU application and it is binary. (In other words, it is used to Unroot Android phone is rooted). Unroot for your device.

About some of Framaroot errors:

After selecting one of the available exploits, if you get an error with a number less than or equal to 9, your phone can not be anchored via Framaroot.

If you have the error 10, and then give a test Framaroot 1.5.3 APK.


If you’ve rooted your Android device successfully using this device, you can comment on the model of your Android device so that it can help other readers too.

So it was all about Framaroot app. If you encounter a problem in the download or install apk framaroot or rooting your Android phone. Feel free to comment below.


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  1. framaroot not install in my samsung galaxy star pro gr say app not installed and below it ‘an existing package by the same name with conflicting signature is alredy installed ‘.please give me solution.

    1. The problem is the keys that were used to sign the APK file, by default if you run directly from your IDE and open your Emulator, APK installed in the Emulator is signed with your key-debug (usually installed in ~ /.android /debug.keystore), so if the previous APK has been signed with a different key other than the one you are currently using, you will always get the signatures of conflict, to correct it, make sure you use the same key to sign as APK, even if the previous APK has been signed with a key debug another SDK, the key will certainly be different.

      So, before you install the application, follow these steps:

      -> Go to the settings > apps on your phone and try to find if the application you are trying to install is already listed. If it is, then uninstall it from there.
      -> Usually, uninstalling by following step 1 removes the application from your phone, however, if you use a tablet, Android sometimes still retains the APK file in the download directory. So go out settings and find the folder “All files”. Search APK to your application in the “download” folder inside the “All files” and remove it from there as well.

      Once you have removed this…, then you can go ahead and install your application. We hope that you will not see “an existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed” error message on framaroot install.

      Hope this helps you…

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