How to Check IMEI on Android Phone (Find IMEI Number)

How to Find IMEI Number in android and How to Check IMEI on Android?

Each GSM phone, whether a, cheap basic handset or dirt, a powerful expensive smartphone, has its own number International Mobile Equipment Identity, commonly called IMEI. IMEI or MEID number to your mobile phone acts as a unique identifier for the device. Two devices have the same IMEI or MEID, making it a very useful tool for tracking lost or stolen phones. You can quickly retrieve and record your phone’s IMEI or MEID number in a variety of different ways, depending on your device.

But how do you find a phone’s IMEI number anyway? Well, there’s a number of ways to do that – by entering a special code using the device’s keypad or Phone app, by digging in the handset’s settings, or by checking the details stored on your user account, to give a few examples..

How to Check IMEI on Android using Dialing a Code.

You can retrieve the IMEI  number on virtually any phone by dialing the universal code. Dial *#06# on your keyboard as if you call a phone number. The IMEI / MEID will appear as soon as you have finished composing the code. Detailed instructions ..

  • First, go to your main screen.
  • Now tap on app drawer (Dot button).
  • Tap on the green Phone ????icon.
  • Make sure that the Keypad tab is selected (top of screen).
  • Now, type *#06# on your keyboard as you would if you were dialing a phone number. the IMEI Number should pop up automatically as soon as you finish typing the star code.
  • Your IMEI is the number displaying on the screen.


 Find IMEI Using an Android Phone.

  1. Go to Android Settings menu by pressing Settings on your App Drawer or using the Menu button on your phone.
  2. Now scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu to find “About Phone” and tap it.
  3. And Tap on “Status”. Scroll down until you find the MEID or IMEI entry. Your phone may have both listed, so verify which one you need by checking what carrier you use.

Note: I see some Android Lollipop and Marshmallow device, the status option divided into SIM status and IMEI information to see your IMEI/MEID number.

Find the IMEI/MEID using Google Dashboard.

This is the center of Google’s control that can be accessed from any computer with a Web browser. You must sign in with the Google account associated with your Android phone. However, if you have lost your Android phone, but do not register the IMEI number in advance, you can always get the number of your Google account.

  1. You can access Google Dashboard by visiting
  2. Expand the “Android” section by clicking on the “Android”.
  3. Copy the IMEI / MEID. One entry in your phone should be the IMEI number. Only the IMEI will be displayed, even if your phone uses MEID. If you need the number MEID, ignore the last digit of the IMEI number.check-imei-on-android-find-the-imei-meid-using-google-dashboard
  4. Locate your phone on the list. If you have multiple devices associated with your account, all devices will be displayed. Find the device you are trying to retrieve the IMEI / MEID for.

How can I find the IMEI number if my phone won’t power on? as Looking IMEI Under the Battery

  1. Before removing the battery, turn your phone using the power button. This will prevent any data loss and keep applications from being damaged when the power source is cut off.
  2. This method works only for phones with removable batteries. It is impossible with other phones with batteries affixed.
  3. Carefully remove the battery from the phone. Generally, you will need to push it slightly down the phone before removing.
  4. The location of this will vary from phone to phone, but the IMEI / MEID is usually printed on a decal attached to the phone under the battery.
    How to Check IMEI on Android Phone (Find IMEI Number)


Find the IMEI/MEID by Checking the Android device Package

  1. Locate the original packaging to your mobile device. Do not worry about the book; look for the box.
  2. Locate the barcode label stuck to your box. Could have been placed on top of the opening to act as a seal.find-the-imei-or-meid-number-on-a-mobile-phone-step
  3. Locate the IMEI / MEID. It should be clearly labeled and is usually listed with the bar code and serial number.



This is typically a string of 15 or 16 digits, and carriers use to identify the devices stored on their networks. Be unique and difficult to change, the IMEI can also be used to blacklist stolen phones from a given network. In some cases, the number can even be used to track a device to return it to its rightful owner. GSM networks use IMEI numbers. CDMA networks use MEID numbers. If the phone has an IMEI number, but you are on a network that uses MEID numbers, ignore the last digit (IMEI is 15 digits, MEID is 14 digits).

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