Check Data Usage App by Systweak Software [Review]

Internet data usage management is a tough job that needs lot of attention when done using some built-in feature on your Android device. Here, you need to keep tab on data usage at regular intervals to avoid crossing the set limit. Further, it not necessarily offers you the desired results. To deal with this situation, you can use third-party data management apps for your Android device for better management of total data used on your device.

Use Check Data Usage

Check Data Usage is futuristic solution that helps you keep tab on total data usage automatically. Here, it helps you set total data usage limit on per day basis and offers data chart to help you manage data usage in better way. It offers some useful and effective features, let’s discuss some of them here.

Check Data Usage App
Check Data Usage App

Features of the App

Intuitive & User-friendly App: App is designed to offer some amazing results with user-friendly experience. Here, it works on an intuitive interface to display various useful information like current and total data usage on both mobile & Wi-Fi network. Further, it displays all features of the app in clean and understanding manner.Check Data Usage App 2


Set Data Plan: You can use this feature to set data plan on your device. Here, you need to mention total days and maximum data usage limit to set data plan. While selecting days you can mark it from the calendar or you can select pre-defined days. Here, you can also set alerts to avoid breaching set data usage limit. By pressing “Show Wi-Fi in Notification” feature you can see the Wi-Fi data usage in phone notification bar.Check Data Usage App to set data plan

Optimize the Internet: Use this feature to manage and stop unnecessary services running in the background to optimize Internet usage. Use this useful feature to limit unnecessary Internet data usage by unwanted apps.

Clean Cache: Use this feature to clean unnecessary cache files on your Android device to recover some precious storage space. Here, you can clean all app’s cache files to improve their performance.

RAM Clean: Use this feature to clean RAM space by stopping all unnecessary programs & services running on your device RAM. It is useful feature to boost your device performance.

Data Use Chart: Here, app will display total data usage report on per day basis to help you manage data usage both on mobile and Wi-Fi network.

Data use chart on Check Data Usage App
Data use chart on Check Data Usage App

Data Summary: Here, app will display total data usage on your device since the time you have installed this app on your device. Here, you can view total data usage both on mobile & Wi-Fi network on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Data summary on Check Data Usage App
Data summary on Check Data Usage App

Plan Summary: Here, you can find all expired data plans on your device to manage further data usage.

Usage by App: Here, you can view and manage all resource hungry apps on your device. Under this feature, it will display data usage by individual apps for better management of resource hungry apps.

Set Alerts: Here, you can set alerts to avoid breaching maximum data usage limit.

App Exclusion List: This feature allows you to exclude any app from scanning process when “Optimize the Internet” feature is enabled.App Exclusion List on Check Data Usage App

The Verdict of the App

Check Data Usage is a state-of-the-art solution that is designed to deal with an issue like data management and over data usage on your Android device. You can use this tool to set data limit for optimized Internet usage. Further, it offers features like RAM clean and cache clean to keep your device performance intact. We suggest you this tool if you are looking for some potent solution that helps you fix data usage management issue.

Check Data Usage App

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