Best City Building Games you can play on your phones

The best City building games where you can build houses, buildings, bridges and more on the land, reflecting your imagination .

City building games are a type of simulation game where players are city planner and leader. Usually, the player has a top-of-the-line perspective and improves the city by following different strategies. The player guides the development of the city using the options of building placement, assigning workers, and using resources.

City building games or city building games included in the simulation games are played with great interest. We have compiled for you the best city building games that you can play on your device with Android or IOS operating system.


Simcity Buildit

Simcity Buildit, developed by Electronic Arts, is a very popular city building game. At Simcity Buildit, we try to build a successful city by building buildings, bridges, parks, and many more. In Simcity Buildit, we need not only build buildings but also solve the problems of citizens. For example, we need to send firefighters to fire in any part of the city or we have to solve the traffic problem that occurs after a while. In addition, it is of great importance to which locations in the city you build the buildings. Simcity Buildit, which has 3D graphics, also includes a day and night cycle. You can reflect the city of your dreams to the game in Simcity Buildit, which is offered free of charge.

Fallout shelter

We are trying to build a nuclear shelter in Fallout Shelter developed by Bathesda Softworks. So the Fallout Shelter is not much like the other games of the Fallout series. In Fallout Shelter, the aim is to make people living in shelters named Vault happy. Fallout Shelter, where we try to survive after a nuclear disaster, has a successful gameplay system. In Fallout Shelter, which is offered free of charge, you can assign some tasks according to the abilities of the people living in your shelter.


TheoTown best city building games, city building games mobile, strategy games

TheoTown is a successful city building game that players who love graphics in pixel style can enjoy very much. TheoTown, available for free, has a retro-style game theme. You can play TheoTown, which you set up and manage a city, both online and offline. You can create your dream city in TheoTown, which is offered free of charge.

Designer city

Designer City best city building games, city building games mobile, strategy games

Designer City is a successful city building game that you can play without the need for internet. There are more than 400 buildings in Designer City, which has detailed contents. In Designer City, you can dry your dream city and then manage it. You can compete with your friends in Designer City which is offered free of charge.


This game, which draws attention with its fun game structure and impressive visuals, has everything you need to build the city of your dreams. You start your own city from scratch. To achieve this, you have hundreds of different equipment, buildings and items.


That’s all our top 5 Best City Building Games collection. I hope, you will be enjoy this best games and also share it with your friends. ‘)

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