How to Set Default USB Connection Type in Android Marshmallow

Android 6 Marshmallow indeed an impressive mobile platform, which is available for almost all the latest appliances. Although some companies have begun to deploy Android Marshmallow for their mobile, but there are some old people companies did not disclose the Android update for their mobile. Anyway, if you use Android Marshmallow, you know how good it is. On the other hand, some of the features are included in this release that are really great. Not only that, but also some other old features have received an update from Android Lollipop, which has made this even more smart version.

Although some options are new in Android Marshmallow, but you can also find some old options with some improvements. Therefore, if you use Android Lollipop, you should have no problem using the Android Marshmallow as both are quite identical.

If you often plug your device Marshmallow Android to your PC, you might have got there are options like load, MTP, RNDIS, PTP, Source Audio and MIDI. Although the audio source is not available in all devices, but most mobile running Android Marshmallow come with other options.


single charge – As mentioned, nothing will happen if you connect the camera to your PC. You can charge your mobile using a USB cable. The power source will be your computer.

MTP – If you want to transfer files from PC to Android or Android PC, you must choose this option called MTP.

RNDIS – You can use your mobile Internet on PC using RNDIS as it works as USB Ethernet.

PTP – If you want to transfer images between Android and PC, you must select PTP. This option is faster than you can opt for in order to transfer the images.

and etc. Now, if you use your mobile phone for charging and only to transfer files from one device to another device or use your cell phone for some reason, this is obviously a good practice to choose a type of USB connection specific among them. Marshmallow Android will allow you to do so without using third party software. However, you need to enable Developer Options.

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Set Default USB Connection Type in Android Marshmallow

Set Default USB Connection Type In Android MarshmallowIf you use Android Marshmallow for some time, you must have realized that when you connect your phone to a PC via a data cable, the default setting is supported only. To transfer files that you have to pull down the notification menu and select MTP or PTP. Did you know that you can change the setting of the load for any other protocol by default? To do this, you need to enable development options. Now open development options and search for “Select USB Configuration”. Press it and put the default protocol. For this trick to work make sure you do not disable developer mode.

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That’s all! Now, whenever you will plug in your android device with a USB cable, it will change the connection type automatically.

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