How to know the PIN of my SIM card

We tell you all the options at your fingertips to find out the PIN of your mobile SIM card

How to know the SIM PIN

Here’s how to find out the PIN of your mobile’s SIM card through all the options at your fingertips if, for one reason or another, you stop remembering the PIN or have lost it. Thus, if you have forgotten the PIN, you will not be able to access the mobile; And if you manage to set a password remotely to access it, without the PIN you will not be able to use the call or data functions. On the other hand, if you misspell your PIN several times, the SIM will be blocked, so you will have to resort to the PUK. With so many different data and situations, it is best to review the basic concepts of the SIM card PIN and the possibilities at your fingertips to recover it.

How to put a new PIN with the PUK

When you receive your PIN code when you obtain the mobile phone or the operator card with which you will use your smartphone, the so-called 8-digit PUK code is also delivered, necessary to unlock the SIM in the case of entering the PIN code incorrectly up to three times. It is not a number that you use on a regular basis, but rather an emergency code in case your SIM is blocked, in order to unlock it.


To use the PUK code you have to open the calling application and write the code ** 05 * PUK * NewPIN * NewPIN #, and then press the call button. For example, if you have the PUK code 12345678 and you want to set the PIN 1234, you will have to write the following code: ** 05 * 12345678 * 1234 * 1234 #.

How to get your PUK code

The PUK code comes inside the original package along with the SIM card, either on the same plastic from which the SIM is extracted or on an attached printed paper. Of course, the PUK is not printed on the SIM for security reasons, so we recommend that you keep your PUK code safely and that you always have it well located in case you need it. You will recognize the PUK code because it is an 8 digit numeric code , usually next to the word PUK .

If you do not have the PUK, contact your operator

In the event that you do not keep the original SIM package with the PUK code or the attached paper, you will have to go to your operator to get it back. In this case, we recommend going to a customer service point of your operator, so that you can identify yourself as the owner of the number and explain the situation. You can also access some type of online portal from your operator to try to do the management remotely. There are 4 main methods to retrieve your PUK code :

  1. Log in to the customer area of your operator’s official website ; If you identify yourself properly, you will be able to access the PUK code recovery section.
  2. Through the official application of your operator that offers the same options as the digital portal although with direct access from the app; again, you will need to log in to retrieve the PUK.
  3. By calling your operator’s customer service by phone ; the agent will have to verify your identity so that they can send you the PUK code by SMS.
  4. Through an official store of the operator in person, with the direct assistance of a technician who will provide you with the PUK personally.

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