Download OGWhatsApp APK Pro v19 Feb 2022 (Official Latest Version)

Download OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsApp is another WhatsApp mod that gives users a simple, minimalist, and free messaging service while maintaining security and functionality. The mod developers added some advanced features that are particularly useful for users who want an increased privacy setting.

OGWhatsApp (OGWA) comes with more privacy features so that users could manage their contacts who can see their details and are allowed to send messages to them. OGWA was developed as an alternative to WhatsApp Plus. The original app, WhatsApp, needs no introduction. It is a popular messaging app that has over 500 million active users daily.

However, due to the lack of some features in the original app, this gave rise to WhatsApp mods. But before we go deeper into OGWhatsApp, you can read more about other apps on androidfit.


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What is OGWhatsapp?

OGWhatsApp is a modded version of the popular messaging app, which gives its users a simple, functional, and secure messaging service. The developers of this mod included additional features so that users can enjoy extra privacy and security features.

OGWA offers users increased security functions such as choosing who can look at their profile pictures, statuses, and who can contact them. These features make it one of the most reliable messaging apps available. Developers also included new features in OGWhatsApp in its latest APK. These features include erasing sent messages and hiding your online status. OGWA is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp Plus.

OGWhatsApp APK Developers

In 2013, Team XDA has introduced the original OGWhatsApp version. It is a modified version of WhatsApp that has almost similar features to the original WhatsApp. With new features, the APK version has released a current update. You can get the latest OGWhatsApp APK Download version below in the Download button.

The other developer, Team AlexMods has released their own version of OGWhatsApp after Team XDA. This version of OGWhatsApp comes in a zip file. The user has to extract the apk file from the file and start downloading. Make sure your device fulfills the minimum requirement to download OGWhatsApp. For some devices, AlexMods versions may not work. Some people complain of seeing an error text ‘app is not responding’ during the installation process.

OGWhatsApp APK Download By XDA (Recommended)

App NameOGWhatsApp Pro
VersionLatest Version (v19.00)
Size55.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Last Update1 day ago

XDA OGWhatsApp Latest Version Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Base updated (Google Play)
  • Custom theme
  • Block contacts
  • Call without saving a number.

OGWhatsApp APK Download By AlexMods

AlexMods’ version of OGWhatsApp is released after XDA. This version has a number of the latest features. However, due to some errors, the number of users is lesser than the original OGWhatsApp one. Below is the download link to the zip file of the OGWhatsApp APK.

OGWhatsApp Latest Version Features

  • Updated Base
  • Fixed bugs
  • Custom themes
  • Hide privacy terms

Before downloading the APK file, please make sure that your device has met the minimum requirements. These requirements include the version of your Android operating system and enough storage space for your app data.

OGWhatsApp is a dependable mod for its users. To download, click on the button on this page, which says, “Download OGWhatsApp APK.” We have made sure that we have provided you with a safe and secure download link.

Installation Guide

After downloading the APK file, proceed to the Downloads folder or the location where the file is located. Look for OGWhatsApp APK and tap on it. This will automatically initiate the installation process and might take a few seconds. After installation, you can open the mod to start exploring its features.


As we’ve mentioned before, OGWhatsApp comes with a lot of customization and security features. We’ve listed down the features below so that you can check them out for yourself after installation.

Anti Ban APK

In the past, the use of WhatsApp mods would risk your account getting banned by WhatsApp Inc. With the anti-ban feature, your account won’t get banned even if you’re using a third-party mod of the messaging app.

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers

Sometimes, you just have to contact a person for a single transaction. In the official version of WhatsApp, you need to save their number on your phone so that you could contact them. This comes with all the fuss of having to delete their number right after you perform the transaction.

With OGWhatsApp, you can easily contact a number through call or message without having to save it on your phonebook.

Built-in Message Scheduler

This feature has been added to the updated version of OGWhatsApp, and users love using it. The built-in message scheduler is especially useful for those who need to send messages at a specific time but can’t go online at the said time. To solve this issue, developers included the built-in message scheduler, which enables users to send messages at a later time.

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters

WhatsApp is also popular because of its group message feature. We love keeping in touch with our family, friends, and even catching up with our co-workers with this app. On the original app, group names can only have 25 characters in them. With the latest version of OGWhatsApp, you can extend your group name to a total of 35 characters.

Built-in Status Download Feature

In the original WhatsApp, you could only view status photos and videos. This feature makes the messaging app more fun to use as it is not only restricted to messaging. You can increase the fun by making use of OGWhatsApp’s status downloading feature so that you can share and keep those memories.

Copy Anyone’s status on your clipboard

This feature lets you copy anybody’s status on your clipboard. In the official version of the app, you can’t copy and paste someone’s status in a straightforward manner. With OGWhatsApp, you can copy your contact’s status and paste it wherever you want to. This feature comes in the latest version of OGWhatsApp.

Built-in Whatsapp Locker

Since its release, users have been looking for a secure way to protect their messages from others. Even if you look from a third-party developer, no one has developed an extension or stand-alone locker for WhatsApp. OGWhatsApp gives you a built-in locker so that you could protect your app from prying eyes.

Block specific contact’s call

Sometimes, there are just some contacts that you need to block but don’t want to cause bigger problems. OGWhatsApp lets you block contacts by tweaking the settings on a specific contact. Your contact won’t even know that they’ve been blocked.

Send Up to Ninety Images At a Time

One great feature of WhatsApp is that it lets you send good-quality photos compared to other messaging apps out there. However, the app limits you to sending only ten pictures at a time. We know how tedious and repetitive the process is when you have to select photos from your phone each time. On the other hand, OGWhatsApp lets you send up over 90 pictures at a time so you can send everything all at once.

More Characters For Written Status

In the official app, you have to limit your status to only 130 characters. This might be quite frustrating to compose. In the latest version of OGWhatsApp, the limit increased to 250 characters. This is great if you’re using long and more words for your status.

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OGWhatsApp is a great mod that is packed with exciting and amazing new features that you can’t find on the original app. Explore customization options and added security features when you download and install this for your mobile device.

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