Apps That Are Changing The Automotive Industry

Technology has always been a part of automobiles since they were introduced to mainstream markets. There have been several incredible technological advances in the automobile industry over the last century. The impact of technology on automobiles has been enormous since the arrival of fossil fuel-powered engines. A speedy advancement is also being made by the automobile industry in contemporary times, just as in every other industry. 

Except for four wheels and steering, most features of the modern automobile are almost unrecognizable from their original counterparts. Technology has made cars safer and more user-friendly, and introduced several features that enhance their value and utility for automobile owners. As modern cell phones are capable of doing more than just making phone calls, modern automobiles can provide more than just transportation. 

Automotive manufacturers can successfully implement autonomous driving and accident prevention features as a result of the growth of digital technology. The automotive industry is being transformed with the advent of mobile apps, and some of which we will discuss in today’s post. The only thing you need to do is ensure that your internet connection is active and has a decent speed so that you can install these repairing apps and get your cars driving without having to go to the mechanic. What a relief! Also, in case you are looking for internet options, Spectrum might be a great yet affordable choice for you. Just check if it is available in your region.

On that note, let us talk about these amazing automotive apps.

Shop Boss

Using Shop Boss Pro, auto repair shop owners can manage vehicle workflows using a cloud-based solution. It enables auto repair shops to manage vehicle repair history and create customer invoices. Customers have access to a customer portal, repair tutorials, and Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVIs). In addition to scanning VINs with a barcode scanner, the solution enables users to search customer information and vehicle details. Multi-shop management features are available in Shop Boss Pro, along with the ability to log in with multiple users. There is a live chat feature that users can use to coordinate. You can subscribe to Shop Boss Pro for a monthly fee, which includes support via email, phone, and online FAQs.


You can save money the next time you need to repair your car with RepairPal app for iPhone. Your mechanic can be sure that you are getting the best price for repairs by using the Repair Pal app for iPhone. There are also a few other features you’ll enjoy.  

The Get Estimate section of this app is probably the most valuable, as it tells you how much your repair or service should cost and what questions you should ask the mechanic. You can think of the MyCar section as a journal for your car. This allows you to keep track of the repairs and services that have been done, as well as the services that are scheduled.

You can call RepairPal roadside assistance at any time without looking up a phone number. 

Torque Pro

The app is the most advanced vehicle diagnostic and performance scanner available for Android devices. For Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 adapters, the Torque app is a must-have. In addition to reading codes, it can also provide information about CO2 emissions and transmission temperatures. There is a $4.95 price tag for Torque Pro, and it is constantly being upgraded with new features.


This is your one-stop solution for finding all the OEM information you need for maintaining and repairing your car. This app can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. A complete set of wiring diagrams, technical service bulletins, and illustrations is also included. This app has the advantage of being visually appealing and goes beyond just listing pertinent information or OBD code details.

With this tool, you’re given all the information you need to fix the problem in an easy manner. Using the simple and easy user interface, you can easily find the information you want without wasting a lot of time searching.

Wrapping Up

Automobiles today are in a similar position to smartphones in 2010. There is still a long way to go before the industry takes off. It may be the best time for a business to enter and capitalize on this emerging market right now. That is all for this post. Hopefully, the above-mentioned apps will be helpful to you.

Apps That Are Changing The Automotive Industry

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