Is Signal Tracking Performed When the Phone is Off?

In this article, we will give the clearest answer to the question of whether the signal is tracked when the phone is turned off, is it possible to track the location from the closed phone?

Today, mobile phone service providers, internet service providers, and other parties can track your location through your devices, including your smartphone. Cell phone geolocation technology may allow others to obtain information about your whereabouts, whether legally or illegally.

This tracking is done using base stations and satellites.In all modern mobile networks, the operator can calculate where the phone of a particular subscriber is every time the phone is switched on and registers with the network. The ability to do this comes from the way the mobile network is built.

When near a base station, the time it takes for your phone to receive a signal from the tower after connecting is used to determine your location. This is called base station triangulation or triangulation . In this way, a deviation of 500-1500 meters from your current position can be detected.

In addition, your phone can be tracked by GPS or the built-in Global Positioning System . Phones receive signals from satellites orbiting the Earth that give fairly accurate geolocation.

Applications such as weather, location sharing and map applications on your phone that need to monitor your location in order to work can access this information.

Is Signal Tracking Performed When the Phone is Off?

When you turn off your phone, you temporarily disable all functions, including wireless communication. In this way, you are not likely to be tracked by any base station or GPS.

However, when you do this, the last displayed location before the device was turned off can be detected, not your current location.

The short and clear answer to the question of whether the signal is tracked when the phone is turned off No, the signal cannot be tracked, the phone cannot be tracked when the phone is switched off.

It is said that when the phone is turned off, signal monitoring is done only through spyware installed on the phone, such as spy apps and trojan horse derivatives. However, their accuracy has not yet been determined.

In conclusion:

Tracking your location when your phone is turned off is an extremely difficult task.   So you don’t have to worry too much about apps or the mobile service provider tracking your location when the phone is turned off.

So, Can the Phone Be Tracked While Airplane Mode is On?

Note that turning off your phone is not the same as activating airplane mode.

Airplane mode disables various wireless connections while allowing GPS tracking. While apps won’t be able to stream your location in real-time, they will still be able to maintain a profile of your exact location.

Is Signal Tracking Performed When the Phone is Off

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