How to Control Your Smartphone Addiction: 4 Best Apps

According to several studies, more than 90% of smartphone users consult their cell phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Another striking and important fact is that 70% of mobile users spend their sleeping hours with the phone at a distance of no more than 1 meter. Nowadays, with the help of the phone you can perform absolutely any function: study, work, communicate, and even do my essay for college.

Why you should limit the time of using your mobile phone

Our smartphone accompanies us everywhere and keeps us permanently connected to the network. Today’s most used messaging services make us slaves to the phone and without realizing it, we develop an addiction to technology. To avoid becoming slaves to technology, the solution is quite clear: increasing moderation and controlling the use of cell phones are our main weapons to enjoy it without compromising our health.

Lately, terms such as nomophobia, which consists of being afraid of leaving the house without your phone with you, have been appearing. Fortunately, there are tools designed to moderate the attachment to our phone, solving the great unknown: how to know if you are addicted to your cell phone. These tools are nothing more than applications to manage the use of the cell phone and are aimed at reducing a possible addiction. 


Below we are going to analyze the best-known applications that are capable of fulfilling this function from different angles.

1. Checky: learn to control the use of your cell phone

This app is very simple and its main function is to report the number of times you unlock your smartphone throughout the day. In this way, you will be able to know how often the device is unlocked in a day, which serves as a diagnosis to raise user awareness and control their addiction to technology. If you want to start with one of the apps to manage mobile usage, this is a great option.

Knowing how often you unlock your phone will help you know if you are addicted to it. Once you know the daily or even weekly number, you will begin to control the use of the phone to start reducing it little by little.

2. Forest: one of the best applications to manage mobile usage

This application is quite curious. In our smartphone will appear a seed that will later become a tree. To take care of it and make it grow into a forest, you must work at scheduled times and consult the phone during rest time to control the use of the mobile. If you want to find out how to know if you are addicted to your cell phone, all you have to do is look at the state of the tree. It will wither if you do not use it moderately or if you use it for leisure purposes, such as checking a social network when you should be working.

But there are other tools that are not necessary to download and that can help you detect this type of addiction, in Calcuworld they show you a tool that serves to assess your degree of addiction to cell phones.

3. Moment: overcoming your addiction to technology

This application is exclusive for iOS and provides information through a record of the use you give to each application. It greatly helps to reduce phone usage by setting app consumption limits. It has a “family” function with which you can consult the use that the rest of the members of your family give to the phone. Because of this, it is considered to some extent a parental control application.

4. Quality Time: how to know if you are addicted to your cell phone

This exclusive app for Android provides statistical data on the time we use our smartphones. Characterized by its striking visual style, it offers graphs and detailed consumption analysis. It also creates customized alerts for your services. The “rest” function restricts the use of the phone and appears as an alert when the app considers that you should stop using your smartphone for a while.

Final Words

Habits can’t be changed overnight, so you’ll need all your willpower and a lot of self-control to stop depending on your cell phone and start using it responsibly. But if you are serious about it, we are sure you will succeed.

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